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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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African Citizens Development Foundation is a reputable Non-Governmental Organization established in 1995 with the goal to promote ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP in Africa. This becomes imperative if good leadership must be achieved on the continent.

ACDF was established as a private initiative to join global development forces to reverse the tragic effects of weak mind, and indiscipline which produces inactive and docile citizenry often prone to cutting corners and reducing individual uniqueness and national value system  Read more..


ACDF hosts its 1st Life Members Forum
2nd & 3rd August, 2012

ACDF Life Members Forum is sponsored by:
Commonwealth Foundation, a reputable global intergovernmental organization.

Run Against Poverty 2012
September, 2012

The Event is geared towards raising awareness about ACDF and its activities and to raise funds to facilitate them.

more upcoming events...

   Agricultural Development
In 1998, African Citizens Development Foundation established the Society for Shelter, Education, Food and Agricultural Development in Africa (ASSEFAD) duly registered as a Civil Society Organization with the mandate to work with the peasant rural and urban farmers who have little or no access to funding and training that will support their work

    Citizens Colleges
Citizens College

The ACDF educational project commenced in 1997 with the establishment of the Citizens Comprehensive College in Temu, a small community in the Lagosian suburb of Epe, Nigeria.

The College was established as a ‘low fee’ Co-educational private secondary school and a component of the ACDF youth development programme, to offer qualitative private education to eligible African children irrespective of social class or cultural differences.

   ACDF in the UK
African Citizens Development Foundation was registered as Charity in 2010 with registration number 1135171 and the objectives are to promote the benefit of the people living in Africa.   Read more..
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